Valorant peak rank is not updating

Hi i hit radiant for the first time back in ep4 act 3 and it was 400 rr on the dot, but i hit it again in ep5 act 3, i peaked at 453-458 rr (i forgot), but it doesnt update my peak rank and it still says at 400rr in EP4 act 3, i was trying to make sure what rr it was so i came to check but its still not updated, this act i hit radiant again at 409 RR but it still not changed from 400 RR ep4 act 3 peak, is it because i anonymized myself when i hit my peak? but i unanonymized myself after. i would love for some data updates, thanks. saenai#jcー


either didn’t give it enough time to update, or the in-game switch bugged as it seems to do quite often

is it going to be updated somehow or its gonna be like that forever?

"The above doesn’t apply to Immortal rating and above, where the rating is updated from Riot’s official leaderboards, usually once an hour. Rating changes happening between updates are generally lost forever.

Remember that “anonymizing” your leaderboard placement in-game will also stop us from tracking the exact rank. Your rating will show up as just “Immortal” or “Radiant”."