Valorant peak rank>rr

On my tracker page it says my peak rank is immortal 3 659rr, but i’ve hit radiant previously and when i look at my performance tab it says radiant as well. Previously it would say my peak was radiant but it suddenly reverted back to immortal, is there any way i can change this?

Screenshot 2023-05-25 181135

it used to say radiant but now it changed to immo 3

Hi, we’ll look into this. I can see you’ve just made your profile private though. In order to understand what’s causing the issue, we’d need you to make it public again.


just made it public again, thank you so much for the reply!

Hi, we should have fixed the issue. You won’t see the changes until we next push an update to the site. I can’t give you an accurate ETA for that at this moment.

I appreciate everything you do, thank you! Ill wait until the update and let you know if its been fixed