Valorant Peak Rating not updating


I have noticed this issue for a while now and I thought I would let you know about it.
My peak act rating hasn’t updated/ displayed properly for some time now.

I was Immortal 2 in Episode 1 but on tracker it shows that my peak was Immortal 1.
I then got Immortal 3 with 200+ last act but the site still shows my peak as Immortal 1.
I’m curious what might be causing this and if there is something I can do about it.

Thank you very much in advance!


I’m talking about my peak rating not my current ranking.

can’t update peak rating without updating current rating

That doesn’t seem right to me.
My current rating was definitely shown as Immortal 3 last act but the peak didn’t update.

the profile was probably private, and the algorithm prefers remembering a lower rank with a known RR value, rather than a higher one with unknown RR.
i’ll try to tweak that behavior since i don’t exactly agree with it either, but historical data might be gone by now.
those problems only happen with anonymized profiles.

Okay, thanks for the reply.