Valorant personal map winrates math incorrect show my accent record to be 57-48 (57 wins and 48 losses). However it says this is a win rate of 51.8% which is incorrect.

57/(57+48) = 57/105 = 0.543 or 54.3%

This error happens for many map winrates but this is an example. Link to profile

Have you factored in draws? They don’t count as wins or losses, yet contribute towards your win%.

turning 54% to 52% over 100 games would require about 100 draws no? so i did not factor it in but It should not be the cause

Hi @rosywater,

The win percentage is currently calculated as wins / (wins + losses + draws). I checked your current Ascent lifetime stats and you have 57 wins, 49 losses, 5 draws, and 111 matches played in total right now.

As you can see, your win percentage is 100 * 57 / 111 = 51% which is what our website currently shows. Basically, you need just a few draws to lower your win percentage. If you get 100 draws in a row, your win percentage will be 27%.