Valorant stats won't show up

Everytime I tried to log in via riot, I was greeted with message that I haven’t played the game yet. I have Overwolf and Valorant tracker apps downloaded, played the game once while the overwolf works just fine but still my stats still non existence and keep asking me to log in in the app. Revoking the acc and log in back in leads to the same problem. Tried changing riot ID doesn’t work.

File to the logs

I checked the Riot API, your name is valid, but it says you have 0 matches played. Do you have another name we can check?

How about my Valorant ID (Spenxxx#1998)
Is Riot ID and Valorant ID the same?
Since I just found out that I have blank box in my Riot ID while checked it and when I tried putting my Valorant ID it got rejected

Nevermind, I accidentaly login with different account. My mistake
Thanks for looking at it.
I Appriciate it