Valorant Tracker app is buggy

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How do I maximize the Valorant Tracker App? It’s not functioning properly and half of the contents and options in the app are not showing … please help me fix this bug

Hey @AladeenUrMadafaka, can you please show your Windows settings?
Settings -> System -> Display. We’ll need his “Scale and layout” options.

Also, what’s your native screen resolution?

Hey @RoDeX, my native resolution is 1920x1080p … I have been facing this issue even inside the game while playing … when I press Alt+T then also these scaling problem happens and my cursor disappears and I am unable to click on anything on the Valorant Tracker app … please help.

@AladeenUrMadafaka thank you for sharing your Windows settings with us. We’ve noticed that your Display settings are normal; however, it looks like you are using some “Ease of Access” parameters that are not supported in the app right now.
Please open the “Ease of Access” section in your Windows settings and try to change your settings as shown on the image. It will take about 30 seconds to apply changes.
Let us know if it fixed the issue in the app.

Do I use my recommended scale and layout which is: 125% or 100 % layout?

Hi @iionset,

We recommend to use 100% but the app still may work well if you use 125%.