Valorant Tracker Deleted All My Data

Not sure if this is a bug but all of my data are not showing on my tracker. It only displays i’ve played one game total ever. I cannot see my match history, my most played agents, my most used weapons, my best maps, etc.

Same thing happened to me. I played some deathmatches, wanted to check the ranks i was playing against and now it thinks ive never played a match

I have got the exact same problem
After some rankeds I was trying to see my stats only to found out that my data was all gone it only shows “NO DATA FOUND”

@go1denz @Amullai @CouSTA

Riot had an outage last night which also caused a nasty bug to appear. We’re fixing the issue, but it could take one day or more. Apologies.

Same. apparently it is for many. the widget for obs also stopped working "
Competitive stats are not available for this player."