Valorant overlay ingame

Hello, how are you?
I’m interested in installing the overwolfs overlay to access some in-game statistics.
My doubts/questions are:

  • Can I get banned when using this?
  • If I can install it, can I stream on twitch without problem?
  • What problems can I have with installing the overlay?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer these questions.

Ricardo Ferramenta

Hi @Ricardo_Ferramenta,

The Valorant Tracker app has been approved by Riot Games, many people use it on a daily basis. We are not aware of any bans caused by the app, it is safe to use.

You can stream on any platform and use our app at the same time. You may need to check your streaming platform settings to make sure the app is visible (or hidden) during your stream based on your needs.

If you are not on the Windows Insider builds, you should not experience any issues. Just make sure you open the app before launching the game.

I have used this overlay since it came out basicly, and have not received a ban, so it should be safe

are you sure guys this is safe app !!! im not going to take ban from this ?? can you prove for me its approved by riot !! i mwaiting thank you

Hi, yes, our app is completely safe, it runs on Overwolf’s platform, we have regular meetings with Riot Games, they are well aware of what we are doing and they have provided us access to their API.

You can listen to Riot Games discuss Overwolf here: Overwolf Won't Get You Banned: Overwolf Support

can you help me plese the overley don show on my account why ?? i want to use it on my obs there is no contenu !! botton why

Hi @barbariandz,

Please make sure your Tracker Network username is shown in the right corner instead of the “Sign In” button:


You cannot save your overlay if you are not logged in.

thats the problem i cant sign in

Have you tried to sign in using a different device? Could you check if your clock settings are correct (you may not be able to sign in when your computer clock is incorrect)?