Valorant tracker history suddenly gone


I have been using the valorant tracker for my games since around valorant beta. I have played a decent ammount of games and have 400± K/D on many of them.
A few days ago (cant remember exactly when) my whole history got erased all of a sudden and its like I am just starting the program for the first time now. I have played a bit since then but those games haven’t been tracked either.

Please help.

Hey, can you please let me know which version are you using? You can check that out in the app’s settings. Also, did you sign in with your Riot ID in the app or the site?

Thank you.

I am using version 1.0.1

I think I only started signing in once this happened. It at least didn’t recognize my e-mail address.

Can you please check the Riot email you are using in the app (it should be the same you use to launch the game). And try to sign in from our site too.

I have been using this app with out changing a thing since around beta. All of a sudden my history is gone. I have signed in the app and the site. After signing in on the site, it shows me my recent matches. dating back to 14. october. But in the Performance - and home panel it only shows 3 games played.

Can you please share a link to your profile on our site? thanks!

Like this? I registered on the website im almost certain seeing as i got a twitch beta key

I mean your profile on valorant tracker:

How is it going with my account?

Looks like there’s nothing we can do at this point. The data in your profile looks fine. We can’t see the past data anymore since it happened a too long time ago.

My stats are gone but they were showing a few minutes ago