Valorant Tracker is causing frame skips in game

Im not sure why, and I haven’t seen another report on it. My system is a high-end system is having no problems supporting the game and the tracker. However, the game skips horribly on the screen when I make any moves. I even uninstalled and ran the game, and it ran perfectly fine. I reinstalled the tracker, and it started happening again. I tried uninstalling the recording software, and now it is worse. I am taking a severe fps hit. Before the tracker, I would get a max 900-ish fps, and now I am only getting 200-ish fps.

Hi, are you running MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner by any chance? They often conflict with Overwolf.

Additionally, Overwolf have provided a guide which may be of use to you:

If you’re still having issues after looking through the guide, I’d recommend contacting Overwolf support.