Valorant Tracker, Live match private

Hello, okay so when ever i go into a valorant match and is on “live match” in Valorant Tracker it says my profile is private, i have logged into the account and even has bought premium, but still says it. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Processing: heh.PNG…

Hi @Braaby,

Is it your profile?

Can you see your stats in the app in other sections (for example, Home or Match History)?

Yes that is my profile. And yes i can see my stats in there

Could you attach the Live Match page again please? Unfortunately, we cannot open it in your post.

yes, i will just load up a game :slight_smile:

here it is

It looks like your nickname is hidden which is why the app cannot detect your profile on this page. Is it an option for your to change your privacy settings (switch them to “Off”)?

Now it works, thank you very much! i did not know that!