Valorant Tracker live not working

The app does not detect my profile and give me my stats. Also in a competitive match it does not get the lobbies stats and doesn’t even give an overlay in agent select or throughout the match on the leader board.

Hi, please can you follow these steps first:

If they do not solve the issue, please send us your app logs like so:

It still does not work after following the steps. Here are my app logs. (109.0 KB)
I also put the file on media fire here is the link if it makes a difference. AppLogs_2024-06-01_17-12-20

Hi, did you play a match with the app open and then generate the logs?

If you’re playing Valorant on GeForceNOW or a similar cloud gaming platform, unfortunately the app will not work for you.

If you are playing the game and using the app on the same PC, please open the app, launch valorant, complete the match, generate new logs and send them our way.


No I am not using any of those.
Here is another media fire link after playing a full game AppLogs_2024-06-01_18-43-25

or my direct app logs folder (149.8 KB)

Possible to carry on getting help on this please?