Valorant tracker map performance update

I think the current map performance, winrate, best agents and so on is great, but I think if they added like round win% on defense and attack you would see which side you need to work on more, like I suck at bind, but while I’m in game I notice my attack lacks while I shine on defense, but it would be just nice to see which role you suck as in general on each map

Hi @JureFlex,

Could you please clarify which of products for Valorant you are using?

The win rate per side is available on our website and in our desktop app:

However, it is not available in the mobile app right now.

i am using this one

Please click on any button on the right side of the table (there is an icon with three white dots), you will see “Win %” per side for a selected map.

omg i feel so dumb for not noticing that before! thank you soo much!