Valorant tracker name change wont change

Hey, So my name was “Sevn#6488” and I changed my name to “sevn#6488” last thursday, but whenever I look myself up its still capital S on my tracker profile and match history, is there any fix for this?

Hi @xseandee,

It is probably an issue related to how operating systems handle characters in our databases internally. Unfortunately, we will not be able to edit your nickname manually but there are some possible workarounds:

  1. Make your profile private on our website and unlink your Riot ID in your account settings. Wait at least several hours and sign with Riot ID to make your profile public again. (You should wait some time as we cache a lot of data in our systems.)
  2. Change your nickname again but add or remove a new symbol (for example, change it to “sevn1#6488”). It will let you “fool” the system and it will override your nickname. You will have to change your nickname back to the one you prefer but please remember about restriction set by Riot.

okay, i’m currently in the process of doing the first option, unlinked and made my profile private and will open it back up tonight hopefully a good 12 hours is fine lol, will keep you updated.

thank you!