Valorant tracker overlay not working ingame

Whenever I try to use the tracker popup overlay in game the overlay freezes and is unresponsive. When I click on a different section on the overlay tab it doesn’t do anything on my overlay and only seems to buy a phantom on my shop menu (alt is my shop keybind). This also is somewhat similar to problem that my discord overlay has in valorant where it does not pause my mouse inputs ingame while I am in the overlay.

Video of issues (cursor is invisible but I’m pressing the different sections on the overlay)

If you could find a fix that would be great

Hi @MysticalFlame,

Thank you for your report. Could you send us your logs please to help us understand why it happens?

We noticed that you are using “Gif Your Game” on your computer which might be a reason why the app does not work properly in-game. Could you turn off this software and check if it helps?

Before you launch Valorant, please restart Overwolf and Discord.

“Gif Your Game” was the recording software I used to record the video. Also the overlay still does not work even after rebooting everything and turning off Gif Your Game.

Do you have any other software on your computer that also works in-game? Could you turn off everything except Overwolf and check again?

I turned everything off. It still doesn’t work.