Valorant Tracker wont connect

Hi, so everytime I log into valorant, the tracker keeps telling me to sign in with my riot account but my account is already connected with tracker. And it will not show me the stats of my profile.

And when I click sign in, it says it is connected and tells me to restart it and I do and the same screen shows up.

Hi @Peshaps,

Thank you for your report. It looks like only your Competitive stats are currently public. Have you played other game modes recently? Could you make your stats private using the “Make private” button on our home page ( and try to sign in with Riot ID via our website?

We are going to release a fix soon to disable this notification in cases when your Competitive stats are public and the rest is still private. However, I hope playing a different game mode or linking your Valorant via our website will help.

I tried making it private but it says revoked failed.