Valorant tracking after changing RIOT ID

Hey! I was trying to get my information on, however I noticed it wouldnt show that i was public. So, i assumed i had to change my RIOT ID in order to match the exact username (Dirrkro#NA1) I was wondering if you could help me out on trying to make my information public? Thanks!

I changed my ID to: Dirrkro#4742 (I just changed today) and prior to that was Krupt#5792. It also said that Krupt#5792 has never played a game, but the valorant tracker detected my old username (Dirrkro#NA1) and gave me accurate info on the app

Oh im just impatient- I read in a later post: name changes do take a few days to completely update. - it’s just taking a while to completely update.

Hi @Akro,

It looks like Dirrkro#NA1 is being recognized as your current Valorant nickname right now. You may try to unlink your Riot profile in your account settings on this page and sign in with Riot ID again on this page. If it does not help, please let us know.

Hey! Sorry for bothering you again, but now it’s tracking my new riot Id as opposed to the original dirrkro#na1