Valorant - Tracking

I am fully aware that "Current rating is based on the last rating the player has entered a match with. Therefore, promotions and demotions will usually be delayed by one match. We also only collect recent matches. If you’re new to the site we may have missed old matches.

The above doesn’t apply to Immortal rating and above, where the rating is updated from Riot’s official leaderboards, usually once an hour. Rating changes happening between updates are generally lost forever.

Remember that “anonymizing” your leaderboard placement in-game will also stop us from tracking the exact rank. Your rating will show up as just “Immortal” or “Radiant”."

For over 2 acts my rating has shown peak 120rr meanwhile it displays I am currently Immortal 3. These two things are not possible - You can not be peak 120rr and Immortal 3 at the same time. Please fix or update my rating - I am tired of people going on my page and flaming me saying I am peak 120rr when I am currently in a whole different tier and my rating is 300+. Furthermore, I have no anonymizing settings active and for the past 2 acts I’ve been 300+ RR. Don’t feed me excuses, fix your shitty platform and api data pulling.

Thanks in advance.

This response is not acceptable - “Unfortunately, we receive the limited amount of data from Riot Games and the peak rating is based only on the historical data we have. Most probably, your peak rating is the latest highest rating in our database which is why we cannot change it.”

Its been like this for over 2 Acts across multiple accounts so I don’t buy it. Fix it or manually update my page.

A dev should be able to re-pull or refresh my api data pull. Its not that hard, you’re just being lazy.

Hi @its_b00m,

Have you tried to find your profile in this leaderboard on the Valorant website?

Your placement is probably private right now which is why we cannot update your peak rating properly.

Okay, lets say for whatever reason that is the case.

How do you go about changing that setting? Please advise.

To my knowledge, everything I can set in-game is set not to be private.

Could you check this setting please?

It was not checked but I don’t trust it so I checked it, and then unchecked it again. Lets give it a few hours and see if I check in.

Nothing yet, Maybe it needs some update from in-game to register or check-in. I will try to play a game later tonight and will update you on what I find.

Thank you for your prompt responses.

LostBlood - great suggestion - my rank and RR are populating properly now

Happy to see that it works for you now. :slight_smile: