Valorant Twitch bot is showing multiple accounts

I started using the Twitch bot for Valorant, and it was working well until I created a new riot account to play offstream, but still wanted to see the stats on, so I signed in on that account. Now my the twitch bot is displaying both riot accounts when people use the !rank command.

I want to get rid of that second account, but even though I have removed it from my profile, and I signed into riot and got rid of the connection there as well, whenever I do the !rank command, it still shows my main and my alt account.

Hey there!

Thanks for using our Twitch bot. In order to remove an account, you can type !trackergg remove [platform] [handle] (ex. !trackergg remove riot “SEN zekken#5193”). If your handle has a space, remember to use quotes!

Thank You so much! It ended up working just like you said. Is there any way we can add commands like this to the documentation commands? It would be nice being able to look these up there. That way it would help with tickets as well. If they are already are, I am sorry that I am blind.