Vanguard Leaderboards not Updating


So I just signed up to the site and I am not in any of the leaderboards, but by my calculation I should be pretty high in DE Regional Search and Destroy - Kills. I am aware the leaderboards take a few hours to update but does it also take a few hours to even appear at all?

Thanks! Name is BellaVendome#3151300

Hi @BellaVendome,

In some cases, it takes more time than a few hours. Your placements should be available now, I was able to find your profile in this leaderboard:

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Thanks, It appeared for me briefly but again it’s gone, on several leaderboards im no longer visible at all

Did you ever receive more help for this? Im having the same issue it seems. Should be #1 for overall Free For All elims but I only show up on the playstation leaderboard. My activision account keeps repeatedly vanishing off the main overall leaderboard and its very annoying because everything is linked correctly Im sure.

nope not yet, still missing from the boards aswell