Vanguard Leaderboards

hey ive been on and off the vanguard leaderboards the past couple months and this last whole month im not on the leaderboard for some reason. i should be showing as #23 on search and destroy leaderboards i have 42,264 search and destroy kils as of right now , ive noticed a few other ppl having the same issue . ive followed all steps on how to make your stats public from your pinned message and linked all my acounts to the tracker app a month ago and still nothing. ive tried switching back to the " none " setting and back to the " friends and 3 party etc…" and that didnt fix it . sorry to bother yall just gets a little aggrevating when nobody believes me because im not on it. my activision is ツG๏๏Ðvi฿eSツ#8854149 , and here is a link to my tracker profileツG๏๏Ðvi฿eSツ%238854149/overview
thank yall for always keeping us updated , just get back to me when you can.