Vanguard Level Leaderboard

Hello, I noticed that I do not appear on the Leaderboards on CoD Vanguard. I have linked my account with activision and battlenet and claimed it. I still have not appeared for a long period of time. By the way the Leaderboard is looking I should be 2nd on UK level Leaderboards. MBuckyy#7900712

It looks like this is now done processing.

Quick link to your profile: mbuckyy#7900712’s COD Vanguard Overview Stats - COD Vanguard Tracker

We’re currently monitoring some minor global leaderboard issues right this second however once fixed you’re good to go!

I am also having the same issue. I do not appear on the search and destroy leaderboards. Ive linked multiple accounts :frowning:

@YouTube_Taz-X Can you link me directly to your CoD profile that you’re referring too :slight_smile:

Given the multiple CoD games and platforms having a direct link will help here!

Thank yoo

Good Day LJM,
I’m also having this same issue with Vanguard. I had a subscriber from Facebook Gaming tell me that I was over 130k Kills on Vanguard but I’m unable to see my name on the PSN and The U.S. leaderboards for top 100. Could you help with this please? Thank you so much!

Here is my profile sir,