Verification Siege

I linked all my Socials, my Siege name and I got (Twitter: 480 Followers, YouTube: 700, Twitch: 5600…)

I waited a few days now but I just don’t get verified


I assume this is your profile? R6Tracker - Reaxys - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

You’ve obviously commented above that you’ve linked everything previously any chance you can show me a screenshot from the following page for review? Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Thank you

Everything looks to be verified correctly; do you have other issues here?

Try be as specific as possible and we’ll do our best to fix any concerns.

Thank you

Could you provide me with your Uplay name?

I dont have the check mark beside my PSN account, but I have it on my Ubi account. I mostly play on my PSN account. How can I get it there? @sgtfrankieboy … My PSN is UncleQueezy… Its checked in the settings.

If you link your PSN account to Discord, you can then relink discord to verify your PSN account. We don’t have a direct way of verifying your PSN atm.

I did, and there is still no check mark by my name

How we get the certification on r6 tracker in my profile like when i look others i see a certification

I have everything linked to my Tracker network and i still don’t have the coasta rica flag and the verified check mark? my gamertag on xbox is Wnho


Hi im trying to get verification mark and my socials under my account the only app it won’t let me link is Reddit