Verification Siege

I linked all my Socials, my Siege name and I got (Twitter: 480 Followers, YouTube: 700, Twitch: 5600…)

I waited a few days now but I just don’t get verified


I assume this is your profile? R6Tracker - Reaxys - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

You’ve obviously commented above that you’ve linked everything previously any chance you can show me a screenshot from the following page for review? Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Thank you

Everything looks to be verified correctly; do you have other issues here?

Try be as specific as possible and we’ll do our best to fix any concerns.

Thank you

Could you provide me with your Uplay name?

I dont have the check mark beside my PSN account, but I have it on my Ubi account. I mostly play on my PSN account. How can I get it there? @sgtfrankieboy … My PSN is UncleQueezy… Its checked in the settings.

If you link your PSN account to Discord, you can then relink discord to verify your PSN account. We don’t have a direct way of verifying your PSN atm.

I did, and there is still no check mark by my name