Version 0.8.0 is now available, what does that mean?

Hey everyone,

We just released version 0.8.0, this is the full changelog:

  • Added the “Live Match” tab that shows details on teammates and opponents (only if their stats are available).
  • Added a new window that reveals lifetime and global stats of a chosen agent during a loading phase.
  • Added the “Contact Us” button - Join our forums to talk about the app!
  • The competitive mode is now supported.
  • Updated the first-time user experience.
  • Fixed an issue when a new match was not available in the match history.

This is the new window that will now show when you are picking your agent:

The new “live match” window is going to show you stats of players who are also using our app. When the Riot Games API for Valorant will be available, we will show this data for all players in the match.

Many of you asked (like here) about some issues with the match history and the latest match doesn’t update, it’s now resolved with this version.

Let us know what you think! Thank you.