Video Guide not showing/Unable to close video guide overlay

Ever since the last update, the video guide overlay has been having troubles showing up. It was completely working before the update. Not only that, but now, when it does show, clicking on the X no longer makes it go away, which is a huge nuisance for when I’m trying to use chat, especially since I cant move the overlay.
For them not showing up, each time I’ve checked if there is a guide for my agent on that map, and there is, every time it’s happened. I never minimized it or anything, it just doesn’t work half the time ever since the update.
I’ve tried having Valorant in Borderless window mode, full screen, and windowed, I can’t close the overlaid videos in any of them. Would be great if we could at least choose where it shows up on the screen.


Sorry about the trouble! Could you try uninstalling both Overwolf and our app, then reinstalling and see if the issue persists please?