View count reset

Hi all,
The view count on my profile was reset yesterday (had more than 1100 views, now only 5).
It does not seem to be happening to me only, does anyone have any information about this? Is the view count going to be restored?


can u send me a screenshot of your profile it keeps sending me to a resticted site

Of course, please find it enclosed.

so it went from 1k to 6? do u have a pic of it before it was reset?

also did u recently link it from pc to ps4 or something like that? it might be a transfer bug

no I sadly do not have a screenshot :frowning: I never thought it was necessary.
I didn’t link it to anything. I just logged in this morning without changing anything and saw it was reset.
A few other users have reported the same issue I see.

from past experience with leader boards theres a high chance the leader board bugged out and there gonna eventually fix it ill ping lost to see if he can evaluate the situation @LostBlood

@ENDOVSYKO thank you, I appreciate your quick feedbacks.

anytime dude u need anythin ping me