"Waiting for next match"

Whenever I open the overlay using ctrl + x, and go over to the “Live Match” tab where enemy and teammate stats are supposed to appear, it will never show me whos in my game, or any stats about them. All it says is “Waiting for next match” even though I’ve been in at least 15 games since I downloaded the app.

Hey, I’m sorry to hear that. Is that the first time you are using the app? Are you using DX or Vulkan to play?

Can you please share your Overwolf logs with me?

Right-click on the Overwolf tray icon > Support > Create logs zip.

Thank you.

This is my first time using it. I don’t know what RX is but I definitely am not using Vulcan.

When I press create logs zip, it says access denied and cancels it.

Can you please try to get the logs menually? Sorry about that. Here’s a guide: https://overwolf.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000176827-how-to-get-your-overwolf-logs#manual