Warzone not tracking

warzone not working on my tracker app. started about 2 hours ago.
message says "we may have a bug, please report it @feedback.tracker.gg along with helpful info.
not a cheater, never banned… im a .7 kd lol

also it hasn’t updated “my last session” for 4 days

Hi @HammerGod,

Could you clarify please where exactly you see this error message? Could you describe steps to reproduce it? What is your current app version (you can check it in the app settings)?

@LostBlood - I had 3 games yesterday on warzone (rebirth island - quads) where I came in 1st place. 14 kills, 7 kills and then 8 kills. I really wanted to see my KD on the 14 kill game, but also wanted to see the lobby strength. None of those games have posted. This was yesterday around 3-4pm CST. I have refreshed multiple times from the site and from my browser. I have tried it on my phone and on the app and even through incognito mode. Pretty frustrating.

@Ac1D_Tx you good now?