We need separate statistics for Reload mode?

Will there be separate statistics for the new Reload game mode?

I’ve noticed that the reload games count as normal ones in statistics.

For example, yesterday I only played reload duo, but those numbers were taken put into the statistics for regular zero-build duos.

Will this change? It’s kinda messing up my statistics and does more harm than good (gets me confused about my progress in each game mode).

Hi @MajesticMashu,

Thank you for your feedback! We are considering the possibility of separating different game modes on the main profile page in the future.

Meanwhile, you can check your stats per playlist on the Playlists page. For example, if you search for “berry”, you will be able to see your Reload stats only (we will fix the labels soon, “Reload” and “Squads”/“Duos” will be shown instead of their internal names):

We have just released an update for the Playlists tab on the website, you can view your stats per game mode now:

Could you please let us know what you think?