Website Claims i do not Play Valorant

I recently installed the Valorant tracking desktop app and have played around 10 games since download. My account on the website claims that I do not play valorant, this leads to my stats on the in-game overlay not working. I have made my account public and have also logged in with my riot ID on the website.

(don’t know if image worked but it says “404 Grrt#grrt has not played valorant”)

Same too, did you find a fix? I’ve tried unlinking, relinking, creating a new TRN, everything

recently had a “valorant Tracker” reply to my post on Reddit about it, he asked for my ign and I’m still waiting for a reply. I’ll let you know if I find a fix although I believe an employee might need to do it for you.

seems to work now

Hey what is your IGN? i got some help from an admin on reddit.