Website preferences maybe not working correctly

Hi everyone,

I noticed that for the last couple of month (since January) the website shows always the “List” view everytime I connect, even if I change it to “Grid” view.

I was able to select “Grid” view and then, any other time I was conencting (refreshing the page or also days later) the view stayed “Grid”; while now every time I reconnect (also by refreshing the page after having just changed it to “Grid”) the website always shows the “List” view.

This is happening both while viewing a “Single profile” and on “Live tracker”.

Thank you.

Hi @Brsk79,

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this issue on my laptop and smartphone. What is your current browser? Do you have this issue in other browsers?

Hi @LostBlood , I had this issue in both Chrome and Firefox (for both PC and iOS devices).

The issue seems to have been fixed as of today (it was fixed for me already yesterday tbf).

Thank you.

To be clear: it has been fixed on smartphone’s browsers too.