When i try to log into my account it says that i have never played valorant and it will not show any of my stats

yeah this is basically my issue. i am trying to login to my valorant account on tracker.gg and it just wont work because it says i have never played valorant. it might be because i changed my IGN on 1/19/2022 and it is 1/28/2022 but still i just need help with this

Hi @WagesGambit,

What is your current Valorant nickname? WagesGambit#pimp?

i honestly don’t know. in game it is WagesGambit#NA1 but i changed it to WagesGambit#pimp but it hasn’t updated in game yet. idk if this is my problem or what. if i click on the #NA1 account it takes me to a page that says 404 error you have not played valorant and comes up with WagesGambit#pimp

did you restart the game after changing it?

yes. basically my issue is that i cant access any of my stats. clicking on #NA1 just leads me to the 404 error page. idk why my tag change won’t show up in valorant but either way neither one of my tags are working for the tracker

Could you open this link and try to sign in with Riot again?


I would recommend to open the Valorant website (https://playvalorant.com/) and sign out first (or sign in and sign out if you are not logged in).

It did not work unfortunately

Ich habe auch das Problem, dass ich Hilfe brauche

i have the same problem where it say i have not played, even tho i played 6 games this morning

I have this problem as well