When is ADR/HS rate going to get fixed?

ADR is completely broken. Not only does it show different values in Match View (where you can see players) and Overall View (list of your games), it’s also broken in for example Agent summary. Like, come on, how can I have 2 games on Phoenix, one of 250 ADR and another one of 160 ADR and have an average of… 160 ADR?

Bonus: HS rate is also bugged. How can I have 15%+ HS rate on every gun and have a 13% overall? Jfc. It even says in the weapons menu that for “All” I have a 17.2% HS rate. But my overview page says 13%. It’s unbelievably bad.

Example game of the first (ADR) problem: Competitive on Haven @ 08/30/22, 08:24 PM - Valorant Match Report - Valorant Tracker

This is the same game. 231 is correct btw, checked in game. It takes 136 into all of my stats tho :')

the correct ADR values are shown in the match details scoreboard.
match history values have sadly been impacted by a bug we’re currently looking into.

we’re also looking into the HS% discrepancies, the difference is explainable but not communicated very well - currently discussing on how to proceed with it