When will the R6 tracker be fixed so it starts recording my games again?

Since the new High Calibre patch the R6 Tracker hasn’t recorded any of my games, with the random exception here and there. When will this be fixed?

The result is that all the data for my stats is now incorrect. I noticed the feature for Live Games was fixed for the new patch a while back, but the rest of the R6 tracker still needs work.

Many thanks in advance as this has become an issue that’s not only stopping me from using the app, but also forcing me to consider alternative apps just so I can track my progress.

Hi, this issue is on Ubisoft’s end, we can’t do anything about it. All stat providers are having the same issue. We haven’t had an ETA from Ubisoft as to when they will fix it.

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I just played with the updated version of R6 tracker which has the bug fix as well as other changes. Thanks for working with Ubisoft to get this sorted as the update not only fixes the bug but also includes the post match notification on the score which was a good quality of life improvement.