Where can i find lineup helper

Hello everyone! There was a player in my match who was a master with his lineups. He had a lineup ready for every common spot on the map. I asked him how he knew them, and he mentioned that he used a lineup helper from tracker.gg. I’m having trouble finding it myself.

And no, this isn’t the guide helper from the website or the desktop app, he had it marked on the ground. This is what he told me on discord: ‘It would provide a marker for the exact position of the lineup, show you where to place your crosshair, indicate the landing spot on the minimap, and if it’s a jump + throw lineup, the app would even execute the jump and throw when you hold a button, taking care of all those actions automatically. Also, if you’re holding a Kayo grenade, the utility helper would only display Kayo grenade lineups, blocking out any other lineups for different utilities.’