Where did the percentiles go from each section?

A week ago most of my stats also showed percentile ranks, i.e. 1.5 k/d being in the top 10%, 38% matches won being in the bottom 20%. Almost every category that was tracked had this feature. This was pretty much my only reason for using this website, as my stats are meaningless to me without that comparison. Where did they go?

We’re in the development stages; if changes are requested by the community we shall make them; it’s always a fine balance.

Some statistics have them actively right now; some do not.

Feel free to leave you opinion below and we will 100% take it on board

I appreciate the reply. I would prefer to have it like it was a week or so ago, where almost each stat also showed percentile compared to other users. Was there a reason it was removed?

Deleted by mistake above.

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The percentiles were also the only reason I used this site and it would be really nice to see them back.

I’m not sure what the site looked like a few weeks ago but I noticed the same thing until I realized that the percentiles only show on the Ranked Crossplay screen. So, if you click the “Ranked Arena” tab, then click “Crossplay” instead of the default “All Queues”, you’ll see the percentiles show up