Which is right?

The Ubi’s tracker says that i have 56win% and 0.9 kd, but the R6 tarcker says that i have 49win% and 0.8 kd.
Now which is right and which is wrong?

Need more details please:

  • Your platform and username
  • Are you talking about seasonal or lifetime win rate and K/D?

Also take note, I don’t think Ubi does true lifetime stats, only over certain periods of time
Also note there are issues with Ubi’s API at the moment.

Platform is pc name is Alver-SG and im talking about the lifetime

Hi, so our site shows your entire lifetime stats. Ubi’s site is only showing your stats since Aug 10th. So our site is more realistic in the meaning of “lifetime stats”.

It’s worth noting lifetime stats are not updating at all on any stats website (including Ubi’s) due to an issue with their API.

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