Who TF thought it'd be a good idea to link to your twitch on your profile?

I linked my riot account to twitch to get prime skins, and little did I know this would put a little button on my profile that anyone can click on and stream snipe you with at the beginning of the game. I dont know who thought this’d be a good idea but it’s pretty fucking dumb lol. So now when I want to claim twitch skins Im going to have to connect it, claim skins, and unlink it again. If you want the feature sure keep it I dont care but at least give an option to opt out of it without having to unlink your whole riot account to twitch.

Hi @Brosephv,

We do not pull your twitch account from your Riot account. We only show a Twitch account on your valorant profile when you’ve linked your Twitch account to your TRN account here.