Why does the ranked distribution on TRN differ so heavily to ALS for apex?


The ranked distribution on TRN’s site (https://apex.tracker.gg/apex/leaderboards/stats/origin/RankScore?page=1) differs to that from another site, ALS (Ranked distribution | Apex Legends Status). Upon asking the dev of apexlegendsstatus the same question, he said “Hello! I believe we don’t track people the same way; ALS keeps periodically updating profiles while I think TRN doesn’t.”. Does anyone know if this is true (ie on TRN’s site), and if it’s not why the distribution is so different? Thanks.

  1. We track a larger group of players so you’ll see some differences based on that straight away.

  2. I’d guess (much like ALS state) we update players in different intervals.

  3. To mitigate inactive accounts we require players to play two games per season before tracking after split resets.

With the limited API that Apex provides we’re all doing the best we can :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for the response.