Why is this where I die

Why am I here explaining basic issues needing to be addressed. Hacking at a all time high and most of the silent treatment is petty and misleading. Plus me writing on a pointless platform such as this form proves that not on have you and your employees are getting ready to jump ship next back review. But the threats are helping us. I may be the old halo community you dislike being apart of you sell out agenda, I’ll tell you my love for success in understandable not underdog writing. I’m very concerned about most of the situation. The other half of the situation you’re not talking about. The way the preformed is 2/10 most of key shots are behind brick and lagging.

I’m confused is this where my dignity is or has 343 put it somewhere else?

Hi @chudloco5150 and welcome to the TRN forums.

As you pointed out in your post, this is indeed not a 343 controlled platform (though I will contend on your conjecture of “pointless” :slight_smile: ). You’d be better off making your opinions known on the official forums for Halo:

However, if you have something to discuss about the Tracker app on Overwolf or the TRN website, then you’re in the right place. If that’s the case, what can I help you with today?

Ummm ok. 1: tracker on iPhone has no option to view medals in halo infinite Ninja medals, triple kill medals…

2:Bf4 tracker/bf4db says I don’t exist even though I have 21,376 c4 kills alone.

3:Can we start seeing in R6 tracker (tk % +headshot % on tk’d tm). I’ll explain when the game has a tk happening it’s recorded as tk for that match. Next match it’s gone and no one person ca n find out till it’s too late. Give us the ability to check how high a person’s tk % is and review if it’s worth blocking them from past high percentage seasons tking or give them a chance to redeem themselves.