Why my r6s tracker can`t work?

I used it perfectly in old version (like 1.52). But now it dosent work. Totally no reaction. I still can use it to search players id, but other fuctions die. An

d it tells me all features are available. Do u guys have any solutions?

Hey, I just tested it and the app is working well for me. Any chance that you are playing in the test server? The app is not working in it.

No, i play in the official. XD

Can you please try once again to re-launch Overwolf and then the game?

This problem is not for temporary. I tried to launch game then launch the app for many times. But it can`t work.

@punkwang can you please send this issue with your overwolf logs with this link? https://support.overwolf.com/support/tickets/new

We will be able to analyze your looks to understand what’s going on. Thank you!