Windows app does not link to xbox Rainbow6 account


I am trying to use the features on the windows app on my pc to view my matches in Rainbow6 while playing on my xbox. I have tried reinstalling the app and restarting my xbox but there are no matches available to view.


Hi @stevens1616 and welcome to the TRN forums

I’m not sure if this is a supported configuration of the app. It’s likely not detecting the matches because they are not being played on the computer in which you’re running the application.

My suggestions would be to keep the website open on your profile to view match information, or switch over to playing on the computer if you would like to see your profile on the Tracker app.

As far as I known anything linked to Ubisoft website dies or is going to be killed. That website has no safety, no service, no support. When you link accounts just do it through Microsoft directly and link your console so you may just press the Xbox link button. I only have a phone so they bully me