Won A Challenge Now What?

I am new to the Tracker Nation and I just won (came in second actually) a Modern Warfare challenge. I read the 1, 2,3 steps where it indicated that you would get an email if you were in the first 3 positions, but I have not received the email yet. Is it too early? Or Am I missing something? Any info is needed. Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, which challenge specifically i’ll have a look for you!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Here are the screen shots from my profile.

Again I am new to the tracker network… so still trying to understand the rules…do you have to place first in order to receive any kind of accolades or can you place anywhere between 1st through 3rd?

No worries!

I’ve reach out to the team for clarification for you!

Hi @IsysRa,

We are sorry, but there are no prizes for these challenges at the moment. Prizes are given only when it is clearly stated in the description of a challenge. We will work on eliminating this confusion in the nearest future.