Wrong leaderboards and stats!

Why bother paying for premium or whatever else when you cannot even get my stats right ? Everything on my profile is wrong I have double the amount of wins it says I have I should be top 10 on my regional leaderboard but yet I’m not because your leaderboards are not even correct……

Can you please screenshot your in-game statistics that appear wrong on-site?

We’re aware Resurgence may be incorrect due to API limitations that are out of our hands

Hello I have the same problem could you fix mine too

I’m almost at 900 wins on in game stats here it says 350+

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For example this is my rebirth wins and kd and yet On your website i have half as many wins

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@iamjordd Please send your screenshot to ‘[email protected]’ via email for review.

Sadly this is most likely an API limitation as we cannot track data from some limited time modes; however i’d like to review either way.

Thank you

What limited time modes ? All off my 600+ wins was from the same rebirth game modes , I’d like to be places in my proper placement in my regional leaderboards that way I’d get a better sense of achievement and may even upgrade my membership and involve myself more with this website because it is great for people who want to track their stuff