Wrong precision *Maps* tab

Hello! When i created custom game (dont matter maps) , results apllies to my current ranked stats (KDA. match results)
im played Emerals three times in ranked queue plus 2times create custom games.Overall Maps tab show me 5 matches with wrong delta win/lose and my KDA

Hi, if you see this issue again, please send us your app logs after it occurs. This will enable us to source the cause of the issue. Thanks

Hi, create custom game Plane and House

Thanks, few extra questions after seeing that image. Did you actually play those matches on Jan 1st? Assuming not as the matches are supposed to be ordered by latest.

Did you play a custom match after a ranked match in these instances? Were you solo in these custom games and when exactly were you leaving those custom matches? After you lost the first round?

Plane i created without mates about 30 min ago. After i finished my ranked lession. Im leave after finished 1 round. etc Sorry for my english
It was today dont have any issue why tabs sent 1 jan

I’ll look into it, thanks.

Thanks mate. Yours apps the best apps ever i seen. Wanna help you and our community))

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