Wrong rank shown in account

I am silver 3 but it is showing silver 1 in rank and also on Chrome or any other browser the ranks are not visible in any mode.

@Annihilator009 Can you link me your account please :slight_smile:

What does that mean I didn’t get that.

@Annihilator009 LJM is wanting you to provide a link to your account on the Valorant Tracker website. To do so, you can simply go to the Valorant Tracker website, put in your Agent name and #tag (ex: player1#NA123) into the search box on the main page, and when you’re directed to your profile after searching, grab the URL (that’s the thing starting with “https://” in the top of your browser) and paste it back here.

Alternatively, you can just provide your Agent name and #tag, and they can extrapolate from there.


Here is the Link which i got after following steps provided by vindictivesmurf.