Wrong region on Valorant track account?


I’m trying to track my Valorant account.

Whenever I login or try to track, it claims i’m #NA1 but infact i’m #EUW

Any idea? It’s EUW in game

Stil having no luck, any ideas?

Hi @EternalOnline,

Do I get it right that your Valorant nickname is EternalOnline#EUW? As of now, the website says your profile is private. Could you try singing in with your Riot ID on the page of your profile?


If it still claims #NA1, could you check your account details on the page below please?


Hey, thanks for the reply…

The account on the RiotId page is EternalOnline#666

whenever I link it to tracker.gg it says EternalOnline#666 still at the top right etc.

AND in the linked accounts it shows the #666 one though…? Why does it say i’ve note played a game?

Also to note, when using the Desktop app for Valorant, I play and it reads EternalOnline#EUW on the App, but ingame is EternalOnline#666…

And everytime alwways asks me to sign-in…

I have no idea!

Sorry for late reply. Do I get it right that this is your profile?


Does the app still detect you as EternalOnline#EUW?

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This was resolved by contacting Riot, they had the wrong region setup on their backend.
Please delete this post.