Wrong stats displayed

My stats have been showing the same thing for weeks now and haven’t changed. It says I only have 9 wins when I have more than 80. My Rocket League in game stats and the stats shown on rocket league tracker are all different. The tracker also says that I am unranked in everything which isn’t true. Every single stat shown for my account on rocket league tracker is wrong and I have no idea why.

Username: Junker1337

Hi @Stuka1337,

Is it your profile on our website?

I see that both the website and the app display the same data. The only difference is the website displays your estimated ranks for some playlists while the app displays your current ranks.

Could you show please what exactly you see if it differs from what I sent?

I changed my name from Stuka1337 to Junker1337, after that the api picked up my stats.