Wrong stats for operators

Ive been playing for almost 6 months now using the tracker almost all the time, but it hasnt updated the played hours for operators since over 4 months. Also the hours that it shows for some operators are higher than they should be. For example it shows that i have played 16:42h with Finka whilst i only played 8 hours in all gamemodes combined according to the ubisoft stats.

Another example is Zofia: Tracker shows 3 hours for zofia but ive been playing her almost non stop for 3 weeks now, having 28 hours on ubisoft with her.

The tracker works well for ranks and stuff but i feel like it does a lot less than what they promised.

Hey, unfortunately, Ubisoft disabled the Operators API, so temporarily, the Operators stats are not accurate. We hope to get the data as soon as possible.