(Xbox) Does Username Change Reset Stats?

Hi, I’m on Xbox and about to change my fortnite username (which requires changing Xbox gamertag), I have 2 questions: (1) will doing so result in me losing my previous fortnitetracker stats? (2) will it reset my profile view count? Thanks.

No, you shouldn’t lose any data (I hope)

Please just also ensure that your accounts are correctly linked here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (thetrackernetwork.com) It looks like you have nothing setup as of yet

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Update: hey so if anyone’s comes across this via Google, etc. just wanted to provide some info, so I changed my gamertag along with epic username, prior to doing so I linked my epic games account to my Fortnite tracker profile, after doing so I changed my gamertag + epic games username, and it worked flawlessly! All of my stats, profile view count, etc, are all still there. So convenient and so easy, great job tracker network! I appreciate all that you do!